Percy standing in 'Show Service' 165 Jeppe Street, Johannesburg, 1962.
Marlene Dietrich's final performance. Johannesburg
Civic Theatre May 1965 with Percy in background
looking at reaction of the audience.
Percy, Margot Fonteyn, Atilio Labis, Joan  Brickhill
and Louis Burke at Percy's home, 1971.
Percy sitting in the new Computer Room, 1977.
Pieter Toerien outside his Alhambra Theatre  Johannesburg, which he purchased in 1981.
Celebrating the 25th Anniversary Dinner of  the South African Association of Theatrical anagements with: 'Breytie' Breytenbach, Des Lindberg, Taubie Kushlick, Brian Brooke, Jim Stodel and Michal Grobbelaar, 1981
Hugh Masekela, Miriam Makeba, Nelson Mandela,
Paul Simon, Whoopi Goldberg and Pik Botha, 1992.
Nelson Mandela with Paul Simon heralding the  end
of the artistic boycott of South Africa, January 1992.
Percy celebrating his 65th Birthday with
Shirley MacLaine, Sun City, July 1993.
Theatre folk en masse at Percy & Graham's home.
Killarney, 1994.
Percy with Michael McGovern, Kerry Jordan,
Sir Nigel Hawthorne, Graham Dickason at party
to welcome Nigel back to South Africa, 1995.
Percy with Luciano Pavarotti, Pretoria, 1996.
Percy with Hazel and Sam Feldman at Pavarotti Concert.
Cape Town, 1996.
Naomi Jacobson with her bust of Leonard  Schach
with Percy, Michael McCabe, Des Lindberg,
Mannie Manim at the Memorial  Service for Leonard
held in January 1997, Johannesburg.
Ivan May, Hazel Feldman at the Johanesburg 
launch of 'Just the  Ticket!' May, 1997
Janice Honeyman addressing the audience at  launch
of 'Just the Ticket!' Cape Town, June, 1997.
Percy's two editors Pat Tucker and Robyn  Karney
at book launch.
Barry Ronge speaking at launch of 'Just the  Ticket'
Johannesburg, 1997.